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Data analysis is incorporated throughout our engagement and enables us to define our actions and create powerful synergies with your media mix.

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At Adwire, we identify your business challenges and map out your current presence and tools to design a tailored 1st party data strategy. Our approach aims to transform your data into a true asset to support and improve your marketing strategies.

  • Evaluation of existing data sources and identification of opportunities.
  • Design of a data flow adapted to your needs and usable.
  • Selection of tools (stack) according to needs and objectives.
  • Design of a tagging plan for data collection (Tags, variables...).
  • Documentation for implementation.


We implement your data plan and capture every interaction on your website or application, storing these events in secure cloud solutions if necessary. In collaboration with your teams, we assign a unique value to each event to track all paths leading to a conversion.

  • Tagging plan and conversion implementation (GTM, SDK...).
  • Configuration of web analytics tools (GA4, GTM, PIWIK PRO...).
  • Attribution of Micro and Macro conversion values.
  • Configuration of conversion funnels.
  • Tracking and verification of data collection.


Data activation is a crucial step in maximizing the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. At Adwire, we implement concrete strategies to turn your raw data into meaningful actions:

  • Transformation, modeling, and combination with multi-source data for better understanding.
  • Segmentation of data into high-quality audiences.
  • Synchronization (rETL) with advertising platforms.
  • Customer identity resolution.
  • Resolving customer journey friction points.


We measure the effectiveness of data activation and provide regular reports on trends, insights, and recommendations for the future. Our goal is to provide strategic information to guide your future decisions.

  • Analysis of web, app, or customer data.
  • Presentation of analysis results.
  • Creation of dashboards and detailed reports (Looker Studio, Shiny).
  • Provision of data-driven action recommendations.
  • Data governance and quality monitoring.

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